sira GmbH

sira GmbH, Munich

sira is a social impact company, i.e. social benefits are created, and a profit is earned at the same time. sira organizes small in-company kindergartens. If your employees have several little children, and you as a company have space available, you still cannot open a kindergarten easily – the German bureaucracy will certainly stop you! In order to deal with all rules, regulations, authorizations and approvals, you need an expert like sira.

sira organizes kindergartens inside the company with the help of so called “day-mothers”, i.e. private care-takers, even to the extent that this is subsidized by the state. sira also recruits necessary staff, and supervises the ongoing operations. The network of child care is thus improved.

In 2016 DVM extended subordinate loans to sira, which were repaid fully in 2022.