Dreyer Ventures & Management invests in innovative industrial companies

Dreyer Ventures & Management GmbH – “DVM” for short – is the Portfolio and Management Company of Salzburg-based entrepreneur Christian Dreyer. Lawyer Andreas Pallauf holds a 15% share in the company.

DVM was founded in 2005 by Christian Dreyer in order to take over 100% of Munich-based Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG, whose business he grew after joining the company as CEO and minority shareholder in 1991. Christian Dreyer listed Hansen on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2006, and sold out completely in 2007. Consequently, he also left Hansen as CEO in 2009 in order to invest the proceeds of the sale in a portfolio of companies.

DVM today holds shares in both established industrial companies, and in innovative technology ventures. Christian Dreyer acts solely in his capacity as a shareholder, without getting involved in the operative day-to-day management of these companies.

Christian Dreyer is also active as member or chairman of several supervisory boards.

Dreyer Ventures & Management invests in innovative industrial companies

Succession solutions
10 to 100 million Euro revenues
Proprietary product
Established market position

Dreyer Venture & Management is a “hands off“ shareholder

Strategic consulting
“Alert investor”
No operational interference