Müry Salzmann

Müry Salzmann Verlags GmbH, Salzburg

Müry Salzmann is a publishing company for books on architecture, literature, art and lifestyle.

The book as such has always been the archive and the bearer of human knowledge; without it, human civilisation could not have developed. Nowadays however, the book is under immense pressure from digital media, with a high risk of losing out altogether.

Christian Dreyer and Andreas Pallauf are enthusiastic users of the digital world, but they do not want to witness the eradication of the classic book. They believe in the power of the printed word, which will always be more prudently considered before it goes into print than a blog or a tweet. One is well thought out, the other is spontaneous – that’s how these different media complement each other.

Müry Salzmann is led by publisher Mona Müry, who has 30% of shares. Salzmann is the family name of Christian Dreyer’s ancestors from his mother’s side, which used to dwell in the mountain province of the Pinzgau region (south of Salzburg).

DVM is majority owner with 65% f shares.