MetrioPharm AG, Zurich/Berlin

MetrioPharm a typical biotech company, with no sales as of now – because the revolutionary drug “MP1000” is still in development.

At some point in the future, our age may be called “the century of antibiotics”. Since 1941 we have been curing infections with these poisons – however, bacteria mutate and become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Already, antibiotics are useless against numerous resistant germs, and in a few decades they will most probably be totally ineffective.

Our new drug “MP1000” is a modern immune system modulator that regulates the human immune system in a way that it can defend itself against intruders without harming itself. Sadly, our immune system is very unpredictable: it either sleeps, or it overreacts to such an extent that it can become life-threatening – as a result, acute crises can occur such as sepsis, or chronic infections like the extremely painful and widespread arthritis; these illnesses are also called autoimmune diseases.

Our “MP1000” is not a poison that kills germs, but a powerful fuel for our immune system, which at the same time prevents “overheating”.

20 million Euros have already been invested in this drug, and in 2014 we will have started phase 1 of the clinical tests on humans. If the first tests are as successful as predicted, a major pharmaceutical company may step in during phase 2 to license the drug, to test it through phase 2, and to bring it to market in approximately 3-4 years.

DVM is the biggest investor with 10% of MetrioPharm, as we are fascinated by the possibility that we could possibly replace the dangerous poisons of antibiotics with a modern and less harmful drug, while creating generating earnings at the same time.