Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG, Munich

Hansen develops, manufactures and services explosion-proof electrical and electronic systems for underground mines.

Mines are necessary for the supply of coal, ore and raw materials. For example, in every mobile phone, there are 41 different raw materials that need to be extracted from mines all over the world.

Various hazards threaten mine safety: among others, gases or coal dust can explode, resulting in fatal destruction in the narrow tunnels. To keep electrical equipment like transformers, switches, lights, loudspeakers or computers spark free in order to prevent ignition, all of those devices must be explosion proof. This is Hansen’s mission.

Hansen was founded in 1970. Christian Dreyer became CEO and minority shareholder when he bought 25% in 1991. At that time, the company employed approximately 30 people. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Eastern Europe opened up and Poland, the Czech Republic, and Russia had a lot to catch up on explosion-proof products. Later, Hansen expanded to the important mining countries of South Africa and China. In 2005 DVM, under Christian Dreyer’s leadership, bought 100% of the shares in a management buy-out (MBO). When Hansen was listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2006, approximately 500 people were employed worldwide.

In 2007 DVM sold all remaining shares to the Polish mining equipment company “Kopex” and Christian Dreyer, after 18 years with Hansen, retired from his position in 2009 to pursue new challenges. Today, Hansen is not listed any more, as it has been integrated in Kopex.