DARWIN, Munich

DARWIN is the stock listed holding company of the Biotech and AI group that emerged from the Salzburg laboratory “Novogenia”. Novogenia was founded in 2009 by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer in Mondsee/A, with angel financing from Dreyer Ventures. Novogenia is a European leader in lifestyle genetic diagnostics and a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics. We examine human gene samples for disease risks as well as for lifestyle recommendations, e.g. for nutritional weight management, which are genetically very individual for each person.

For example, one of our favorite tests is our „Baby100“ test. We extract 250 different metabolic products from a piece of blotting paper that has been moistened with baby urine, which gives us markers for over 100 genetic metabolic diseases and enable prevention or timely treatment. These diseases have the following characteristics: 1. They are partly very rare, so the pediatrician usually does not recognize them; and 2. They cause great harm, up to and including the death of the child; but they also have a good quality: 3. If you recognize them, then they are treatable, mostly in such a way that the baby can grow up quite normally.

Another example is haemochromatosis: a fairly common genetic defect which, if left unchecked, can damage the joints, trigger diabetes and damage the liver. If you discover this defect before the onset of the disease (usually 50+), you only have to donate blood 3-6 times a year, then nothing will happen at all.

Another product line are beauty products (skin creams), which are adapted to the genetic characteristics of the individual customers by mixing and filling each batch according to the individual gene profile.

In the course of the COVID pandemic, since 2020 we temporarily made part of our laboratory capacity available for PCR analyses that detect the SARS virus in saliva samples. Since the end of the pandemic in early 2023, the company is once again focused on its core business of personalized solutions and products.

DVM has a 23% stake in DARWIN AG, Munich, which in turn has a 100% stake in Novogenia GmbH based in Eugendorf near Salzburg, as well as other subsidiaries.