BNS GmbH, Düsseldorf

BNS writes software for logistics companies that transport goods all over Europe. Approximately 10,000 trucks and vans in Germany and Europe are scheduled and tracked with this software.

Efficient transport is one of the main drivers of our wealth: labour division is only possible because of the rapid and inexpensive exchange of goods.

However, there are some very unpleasant by-products of transport: noise, emissions, traffic jams and accidents – these are the down sides of our industrial society. We do not even want to know how much time of our lives are spent in traffic, or worse, in traffic jams.

BNS reduces these evils by scheduling the trucks and their loads as efficiently as possible, using the latest in computer intelligence. Shortest routes, minimal empty runs, and most efficient usage of loading space – these are the benefits of BNS’s software.

DVM owned 67% of BNS and sold out in 2017.