Novogenia GmbH, Salzburg

Novogenia is the European market leader in lifestyle-genetic diagnostics and the worldwide pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics. We test human gene samples for the probability of disease, as well as for lifestyle advice, such as weight management nutrition, which vary for each person. Every month, Novogenia takes in more than 50,000 samples and analyses them fully automated under the tight regulations of the Austrian Law of Genetic Technology.

Our favourite is the “Baby 100” test. Here we extract 250 different metabolic products from a paper pad that has been sprinkled with your baby’s urine. As a result 100 different rare diseases can be detected and, if prevalent, treated. These diseases have the following vital characteristics: Firstly, they are very rare, therefore unlikely to be spotted by a paediatrician; secondly, they are extremely harmful and can even lead to a baby’s death; with our test, however, the can be spotted and usually be treated rather easily for the baby to grow up normally.

A different example is hemochromatosis (iron deficiency), a frequent genetic disorder that can lead to impaired joints, cause diabetes and damage the liver. If this disorder is spotted before the disease breaks out (usually 50+), you simply have to donate blood 4-6 times a year and nothing happens at all. Fascinating, isn’t it?

DVM owns 30% of this high-tech company, which is located in Salzburg-Liefering. It grows approximately 150% each year and exports 90%, to the whole world. We are proud that a company like this can originate in Salzburg, with our contribution.