MS Industrie

MS Industrie AG, Munich

MS Industrie AG is a listed company that makes valve drives for heavy duty diesel engines as well as ultrasonic welding systems for automotive assembly and for packaging machines. The company’s production sites are located in Baden-Württemberg/Germany, in Sachsen/Germany, as well as in Michigan/USA, and coming soon to China and Brazil.

We are fascinated by industry and engineering: as a result Christian Dreyer studied mechanical engineering and works in the mining industry himself. Because he grew up in the beautiful holiday destination of Salzburg, which is known for mountains, tourism, music and the famous “Salzburg Music Festival”, he – as a child – used to wonder where the “real” world might be: where cars and electrical power are made; where the landscape is dominated by coal and steel. Christian Dreyer has ventured into this industrial world, while always returning home to his family on most weekends during the last 30 years.

MS Industrie AG, where Christian Dreyer was Chairman of the Supervisory Board from 2010-15, stands for the “real” world, where high-precision machine parts are manufactured, where plants need to be built close to car companies for quick deliveries, and where costs are calculated to the cent, in order to be competitive.

DVM initially invested 20% in MS Industrie AG and owns below 3% today.